EA Call for Action on agro commodity governance

This call for action was formulated among the EA partner organizations indicated in the document, during a two day exchange and strategizing event on agrocommodity governance. Infomed by wide knowlwdge and experience on soy and plam oil production and expansion in Argebtina, Brazil, Paragauyy and Bolivia and Indonesia, the EA and its partners communicated these messages to high level government officials (ao from foreign affairs/trade) and private sector (representatives from retail, manufacterors and feed).



Capacitacion adaptacion al cambio climatico basado en ecosistemas Gran Chaco

Tuesday, 25 November, 2014 - 22:15 to Thursday, 27 November, 2014 - 22:15

The EA is organising a workshop for relevant local partners in the Chaco region, the Chaco network of municipalities, regional authorities and relevant NGOs. 

Succesful local partner NATIVA will coordinate and prepare the activity a month after the presidential elections from 24 to 25 November of 2014 in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, with the assistance of a EbA consultant.

The workshop aims to:

(a) To provide training on the basic concepts of ecosystem-based adaptation to target group.

(b) To assess the status and progress of the local adaptation plans in the region.

Seminario Internacional Agua y Mineria

Los días martes 10 y miércoles 11 de junio de 2014, PROBIOMA, Fundación Solón, CEDIB y Octubre Azul desarrollaron el Seminario Internacional “Agua y Minería”, evento que se llevó adelante en el Salón de Actos de la Biblioteca de Tecnología, de la Universitaria Autónoma Gabriel René Moreno, en el departamento de Santa Cruz.


Sociedad Boliviana de Derecho Ambiental

The Bolivian Pantanal is one of the best preserved portions of the Pantanal. In 1997, based on the technical reports that was presented, two protected areas were established: (1) National Park Otuquis with 1.005.950 hectares (with an large integrated use area, ANMI), and 2) the Natural Integrated Area of San Matias. In the law of 7th of May 2002 Bolivia has ratified the wetlands (Ramsar) convention which will imply commitments from all layers of government.